Ofek Gilboa

תיק עבודות

A documentary film by Mili Pecherer

Promo Editing by: Ofek Gilboa

May 2013



A documentary film by Mili Pecherer

Concept, Shot & Editing by: Mili Pecherer and Ofek Gilboa

May 2013



Creators: Gal Friedman & Ofek Gilboa

Shot by: Gal Friedman & Ofek Gilboa

Directed by: Gal Friedman

Editing by: Ofek Gilboa

July 2012



Shot, After Effects & Editing by: Ofek Gilboa

February 2012


Shots & Editing by: Ofek Gilboa

September 2011


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סרטונים נבחרים

סעודת מלכים - נוהגים לטייל

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